Client: CIVA, ICA, Vai
Date: June, 2020

The Brussels centre for architecture and landscape (CIVA), the Vlaams architectuur instituut (VAi) and the Institut Culturel d’Architecture Wallonie-Bruxelles (ICA) made a call to all actors, designers and thinkers of space in order to provide answers to the spatial challenges of tomorrow in relation to the covid crisis. Pandemic Strategy consisted in 3 drawings depicting three different strategies of living during the pandemic. An excerpt of the presentation: The pandemic family consists of an extension of the former notion of cell following a spatial logic linked to the existing built space. The families of the same building or the same street merge to form one cell and this, either by horizontal extension – common wall breakthroughs –, or by vertical extension – pierced ceiling.
Following the call, ICA ordered 4 more drawings for its collection.